CITU condemns the Delhi Police brutality on Jamia Students

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) unequivocally condemns the brutal attacks unleashed by the Delhi Police, perpetrating this crime at the instance of Central Home Ministry, against the Students of Jamia Millia Islamia Central University when they took out a peaceful protest march against the unconstitutional Citizenship (Amendments) Act on Sunday. The hired agents and provocateurs were deliberately engaged to go berserk and arson with the connivance of police, so as to bring disrepute to the peaceful procession of Jamia’s Students. On these pretext, Delhi Police attacked the students mercilessly and beaten up students-both boys and girls. Then the police barged into the JMI University campus without the permission of either Vice Chancellor or Proctor and continued the attacks even in the reading rooms and restrooms and dragged students out of the library and the mosque, and assaulted them heavily.  Some men in civilian dresses attacking girl Students went on viral in the social media. In these Police brutalities scores of students have sustained grievous injuries. Some victim students are said to be critical and one student, we learnt that succumbed to this barbaric acts. More than 100 students were arrested.

We congratulate the initiatives of JNU Students, immediately hearing upon this police assaults, hundreds of students, youths and general public at large gathered outside the Delhi Police Headquarters close to midnight defying the freezing cold demanding immediate release of detained students and then around 35 of them were released around 3.30 am at early hours on Monday.

CITU demands the Central government that the rest of the arrested students be released immediately and suspension of all officers of Delhi police who were responsible for these reprehensible actions. CITU, expresses the unflinching support and solidarity with the brave students of Jamia Millia Islamia Central University who are fighting to protect the secular and democratic Constitution of India.

General Secretary

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