CITU condemns CAB

CITU condemns RSS-led BJP’s Modi government for getting the discriminatory Citizens' Amendment Bill (CAB) hurriedly passed by the Parliament and converting it as an Act after immediate Presidential assent. This is the blackest act in the country’s legislative history.

It is an attack on the secular, democratic and equality based inclusive foundation of the Constitutions of India; an assault on the humanity perpetrated by the communal forces guided by fascistic ideology to change the basic character of India’s Constitution towards ‘Hindu Rashtra’.  

The working class, who are already battling against the aggressive neoliberal policy regime; must rise to the occasion and defeat the BJP government’s machination to divide the people and suppress their movement against economic and social exploitation and repression.  

Despite CAB becoming a law its implementation can be defeated by the people through united struggle at every stage and in every front. People are already on the street in different parts of the country opposing the CAB and the Act. Trade union movement must take the lead.

CITU calls upon the workers and united trade union movement in general and  CITU units and the unions in particular to unitedly launch countrywide movement to defeat implementation of BJP government’s Citizenship Amendment Act; and join all other sections of the toiling masses in the countrywide democratic movement against it.

(Tapan Sen)
General Secretary, CITU 

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