Monday, 29 April 2024 10:44

On this May Day 2024,

CITU extends warm fraternal greetings to the working people across the world who are fighting capitalist onslaught and to protect their hard won rights and their unity.

CITU greets and congratulates the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the only class oriented and militant global trade union, for being in the forefront in uniting the workers all over the world to fight against imperialism and capitalist exploitation.

CITU greets the working class of socialist countries, China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea. Despite facing serious challenges because of the crisis that has engulfed the entire world the socialist countries have been successful in improving the living standards of their people and in ensuring universal health and education to their people. CITU strongly condemns the more than six decades of inhuman sanctions by US imperialism on Cuba, defying UN resolutions and world opinion. Despite the sanctions and blockade, Cuba has been able to develop one of the best health care systems in the world, even extending medical help to many countries in the world.

CITU greets the LDF government in Kerala, which has been striving to implement pro people policies, protect the rights and livelihood of the workers and toiling people in the state despite facing serious challenges and financial constraints due to the discriminatory and vindictive attitude of the Modi led BJP government at the centre. The LDF government has an exemplary record of providing benefits to various sections of the workers through its welfare boards and in protecting the rights of the migrant workers.

CITU expresses its firm solidarity to the fighting people of Tripura and its cadres and members in the state who are under brutal attack by the BJP goons, further being intensified when any elections are round the corner, to terrorise Left supporters. CITU congratulates people who supported the Left forces braving such inhuman attacks. CITU  greets the toiling people of West Bengal for their struggles combating the violence by the TMC regime in the state.

On this May Day

CITU strongly condemns Israel’s genocidal war on Palestine in which over 33000 people have been killed since 7th October 2023,more than half of them women and children. Israel is targeting hospitals and residential areas for bombing and is blocking aid to Gaza inflicting unprecedented suffering and destitution.

People across the world including in USA, UK, Europe and Jews in Israel condemned Israeli genocide and stood in solidarity with Palestinians. Huge protests were held in more than 120 cities in 45 countries in all continents on the occasion of 100 days of Israeli war. Several big trade unions in USA condemned Israeli war and extended solidarity to the Palestinian people. Despite some statements on the need for ceasefire by Biden, USA continues to back Israel openly thereby exposing its utter hypocrisy.

CITU congratulates people across the world who expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and is proud to be part of worldwide solidarity actions. It calls upon the working class in India to raise their voice louder and with much more intensity against Israeli genocide and in solidarity with Palestinians.

CITU demands immediate cease fire and free passage of aid to Gaza. We support the Palestinian people’s demand for their homeland and resolution of the issue on the basis of establishment of Palestinian State with 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. CITU condemns the wavering on the Palestinian issue displayed by the Modi government, departing from India’s traditional support to the Palestinian people against Israeli aggression. Under Modi’s rule, India has become the largest customer of Israeli arms and advanced sensitive defence service and surveillance systems. We also condemn the government’s ongoing move to send workers including construction and care workers to Israel to replace Palestinian workers, not only putting the lives of our workers in danger but also making them indirect collaborators in Israel’s genocidal war.