Thursday, 05 December 2019 12:23

Call of the Rally :
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The Construction Workers Federation of India (CWFI) conducted a three month-long campaign, propaganda, and State / Regional level mobilization on the following demands.

Further massive signature campaign throughout the Rural and Urban India was also conducted under the banner ‘PETITION TO SPEAKER, LOK SABHA WITH ONE CRORE SIGNATURES’

The demands are as under:

To stop the merger of Building and Other Construction Workers Act (BOCW Act) providing Social Welfare Scheme:

(a) Pension (b) Accidental Compensation ( c ) House Building Loan/ Assistance (d) Maternity Benefit (e) Children Education Allowance/ Assistant (f) Minor / Major Medical Operation Assistant (g) Safety & Health - Provision implementation throughout the country.

Today around 15 thousands Construction Workers organized a huge demonstration at Parliament Street, New Delhi coming from all over the country covering the southernmost state of Kerala, the northeastern states of Assam, Tripura, The Western State of Maharashtra, the eastern major West Bengal and of course the entire range of northern States.

Prominent among the Speakers included Tapan Sen – General Secretary, CITU, Members of Parliament, T. K. Rangarajan, E. Kareem, A. M. Arif & all CPI(M) MPs, M. Shanmugham, MP,DMK & General Secretary - LPF, Sukhbir Singh – President, CWFI, V. Sasikumar – General Secretary, CWFI, Debanjan Chakrabarti – Vice-President, CWFI, Swadesh Dev Roye & A. R. Sindhu, Secretaries, CITU. 

A 5 member delegation led by the President and General Secretary of CWFI went to the speaker of the Lok Sabha in his chamber at Parliament House and presented the petition on which signatures were collected from all over the country.