Petroleum Workers Stand Strong with Striking Maharashtra Electricity Workers & Employees

Petroleum & Gas Workers’ Federation of India (PGWFI), the largest and broadest Federation of Petroleum Sector workers of the Nation, CONGRATUALTES the Striking Electricity Workers and Engineers of Maharashtra State. More than 86,000 workers and employees including 42,000 contractual strength of Maharashtra State Public Electricity Companies are in historic 72 hours Strike from 4th January 2023 mid-night. This Strike action is against the heinous plot of introducing Adani Group in distribution service of Navi Mumbai’s Bhandup Circle.

This strong Strike action is the culmination of 2 months long-ongoing united protest-struggle of Maharashtra electricity employees. Maharashtra government didn’t pay any heed to the objection of the agitating workers and the people. Certainly, there was no option left except going for Strike to save Maharashtra Public Electricity from the crawls of Adani! The Maharashtra State Administration is the sole responsible for any disturbance to Public service causing from this Strike action – the onus of people’s suffering is undoubtedly upon them.

Instead of addressing the righteous concern of the workers and the people, the Maharashtra government has invoked MESM Act 2017 to attack the Strikers and break the Strike. PGWFI and its entire constituents throughout the Nation stand strong beside the Striking workers of Maharashtra and condemn this vindictive act of Maharashtra government.

PGWFI believes the cause of Strike with conviction as Petroleum & Gas sector is under similar grievous attack of privatisation from the current Central government, through NMP and many other disastrous routes. PGWFI looks forward united movement of integral Energy Sector - Petroleum-Electricity-Coal workers to Resist this blatant act of privatization and hand over of public assets to private conies. PGWFI demands immediate resolution of the issue in favour of the Striking workers.

Issued By

Nogen Chutia                                                                                                 Pradeep Mayekar

General Secretary                                                                                                President

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