The Centre of Indian Trade Unions condemns the unilateral move by the BJP Govt at the centre to virtually scrap the and abrogate all the provisions of article 370 of the constitution relating to status of Jammu and Kashmir by trickery unscrupulously evading the constitutional amendment procedure requiring specific advance notice and also not less than two third majority in parliament. 
Besides seious poltical fall out of such misadventure completely devoid of minimum scruples on the unity of people, in which BJP was never interested, it will provoke and pave the way for similar dishonest trickeries for subversion of the indian constitution on the part of ruling class and  their agents in polity in respect of its basic secular democratic foundation and also on other constitutional provisions relating to peoples' democratic and other fundamental rights. It bears ominous 
portents of similar attacks on the rights of the working class as well.
CITU views such unilateral move as brazenly authoritarian and fascistic and it tantamounts to murder of democracy and subversion of the constitution. 
CITU also denounces the authoritarian move of the Govt in putting the leaders of the leaders of the J&K based political parties under arrests or house arrest, besides scrapping their internet and mobile/telephone services on 4th evening onward and this authoritarian move was prepratory to their conspiratorial unilateral move of subversion of constitution on J&K. CITU also condemns the arrest/house arrest of com Yusuf Tarigami, MLA and also President of J&K Committee of CITU. 
CITU calls upon the working people to protest such arrogant, authoritarian and fascistic action of the BJP Govt through countrywide united agitation.
Issued by
Tapan Sen
General secretary CITU
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