CITU Conratulates Working Class of Kerala for massive statewide Strike on 2nd April In Protest Against “Fixed Term Employment” Notification by Modi-Govt


Hails working People of the Country for Massive Solidarity Protest in most of the States

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions congratulates the working class of Kerala for their united statewide strike action against the notorious “Fixed Term Employment” notification by the Modi Govt at the centre, designed to impose conditions of slavery on the working people in its most obedient service to corporate capitalist class, both domestic and foreign.

As many as sixteen trade union organizations in Kerala –practically all except BMS have jointly decided to organize the strike action on 2nd April 2018 and the strike call has received overwhelming response from the workers completely paralyzing normal life in the state; normal work in  industries, services, transport, ports, refineries and shops and establishments etc came to a grinding halt  owing to all in united strike action by almost all the unions in Kerala. Even the workers affiliated to BMS unions joined the strike in a big way.

As decided by CITU General Council meeting held in Kozhikode on 23-26 March 2018, a call was given for holding solidarity demonstration in all the states throughout the country on the same day of 2nd April 2018. As per reports received till  today evening, massive demonstration have been held in most of the states and industrial centres in the country by several  thousands of  workers and employees denouncing the “fixed term employment” notification and resolving to resist such notorious move of the Govt.

CITU hails the working people of the country for such solidarity action and calls upon the trade union movement and the working class to prepare for resistance action against the notorious move in the days to come.

 Issued by
General Secretary

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