CITU Reiterates Strong Solidarity with Cuban Working Class Against Imperialist conspiracy of destabilisation

CITU (Centre of Indian Trade Unions) expresses its solidarity with the people of Cuba, who, are confronting US conspiracies to create instability inside Cuba. The reactionary forces in Florida, US, supported by some senators and congressmen are trying to deliver notorious plea to the US government to provoke a so called humanitarian intervention in Cuba amounting to illegal onslaught over the sovereignty of the great nation state and outright attack against Socialism.

This past weekend, July 11, there were apparently some orchestrated anti-government protests in Cuba by pro-US elements. Despite that, the Cuban Govt and the Communist Party of Cuba directly reached out to them. And almost simultaneously, following such imperialist-orchestrated eruption, the disturbances were quickly outnumbered by supporters of the Cuban Revolution who went into the streets..

From the moment the Cuban revolutionary government was established following the overthrow of the US backed Batista dictatorship in 1959, the US has done everything it can to engineer continuous onslaught on Cuba for having the guts to choose its own path of Socialism while being only 90 miles from the US coast. From incidents as well known as the Bay of Pigs Invasion to countless attempts to assassinate the late Cuban President Fidel Castro, and from sabotaging food supplies, medical supplies and almost everything through continuing the most crippling more than six-decades long barbarous economic blockade in world history, the US has never relented from its arrogant interference and interventions against the people of   Cuba. By blockading food and medicines and related supplies, the US  targeted brutally the human living in Cuba ; and yet they are loudly talking about humanitarian rights of Cuban people. Shameless hypocrisy of US imperialism is at its peak.  Over the same period, Cuba has never once threatened the US.

Fighting every moment with US imperialistic and barbarous attacks, Cuban people and working class have been defending their motherland and the Socialist system; during the pandemic, Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade, sponsored by the government of Cuba, has distinguished itself as a true leader in both the global North and South, offering emergency assistance. Twenty-three countries in Europe, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Latin America, and the Caribbean requested help amidst this global crisis, and more than 1,500 Cuban health professionals–doctors, specialists, and nurses–have answered the call. Braving six decades long US blockade, Cuba has developed its own vaccines on Covid. The Cuban people and the working class are also determined to resist all US sponsored destabilisation attempts.

CITU condemns actions of destabilisation and provocation that the US promotes, cynically instrumentalising the harmful consequences of the blockade for which they are responsible. CITU salutes the Cuban people and its leaders in their continuous united struggle against the crippling US embargo.

CITU calls upon the working class of India irrespective of affiliations to raise its powerful voice of protest against the Imperialist conspiracy and organise action in solidarity with the Cuban people and Cuban working class in their historic struggle to defend great Cuban revolution.

Issued by

General Secretary

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