CITU supports the Road Transport Strike on 30th April

The Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) expresses its fullest support to the country wide one day strike in the Road Transport Sector on 30th April. Workers in all Sectors including Buses, Trucks, Auto-Taxis are to go on strike on that day.

Trade Unions and Federations affiliated to various Central Trade Unions along with many independent federations and unions in Road Transport sector have been conducting a campaign for the last few months against the new Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014.
The Bill contains clauses, which will result in the death knell of the existing 54 State Road Transport undertakings and the bill is aimed at handing over the Transport sector to private operators.
Various clauses proposed in the bill are against the interests of all sections – Drivers, passengers and general public. The Bill encroaches upon the rights of the State Governments and some State Governments have openly criticized the bill and asked for changes. Many Governmental functions like Registration, licensing etc. are being handed over to private sector.
The joint platform of unions have submitted detailed memorandums to Government, conducted extensive campaigns in the State including a massive Parliament March of Transport Workers on 18th December 2014.
It is in this situation, the union have jointly decided to go for a one day protest strike on 30th April 2015.
CITU fully endorses the demands of the Joint platform of Transport Sector Unions and extends full support to the strike.
CITU calls upon all sections of workers and general public to extend their support to the strike.

Issued by
(A.K. Padmanabhan)

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