CITU Condemns the Govt move for Induction of Private Sector Management in CPSUs

4th June 2016

Few days back the Narendra Modi Government has amended the Public Sector Recruitment Rules retrospectively providing appointment of candidates from private sector in very senior management positions in CPSUs and also in the PESB (Public Sector Enterprise Selection Board). Obviously profit-making Blue chip PSUs are the target of the Modi Govt in this regard. The argument from the Government is that this will help CPSUs in getting ‘capable and efficient’ hands from private sector. An expectation is generated that such steps of the Modi Government shall help in achieving better performance in the CPSUs.

CITU totally rejects such ill-motivated move of the Govt to induct private sector agents into the management of highly efficient and profitable CPSUs with huge resource and asset base operating in core and strategic sector of the economy.

It is very important to note that experience and expertise developed in CPSUs have been captured by private sector through various means. Take for example the energy sector. The management of Private enterprises in Oil & NG, Coal & Power etc. are all crowded with senior executives and many former CEOs from CPSUs. Very important technical and commercial classified information are smuggled by private sector from CPSUs. Without such resources from CPSUs the private big business in the many such industries would not have easily attained such so much success. Let us not go into the unethical practices of the private sectors here.

CITU condemns the NDA Government for the atrocious action. It is an act as well as conspiracy of conspicuously undermining the excellent record of physical and financial performance of CPSUs and their contribution in economic reconstruction of post independent India. Thousands of crore of rupees is collected from CPSUs by the Government through various instrumentalities including measures of privatisation and dividend, taxes and duties etc. Now the present design is to sabotage those successful CPSUs from within as supplementary to its grand-plan of strategic sale of CPSUs announced in this year’s budget. Also the step in question is to push more exploitative, repressive and authoritarian management system of private sector in the CPSUs by the corporative captive Modi Government.

CITU demands withdrawal of the amendment and restoration of age old time tested practice. At the same time CITU calls upon the trade union movement and the public sector employees as a whole irrespective of rank and affiliations to raise the powerful voice against the brazenly anti-public sector step of the Government and mobilize employees to stop entry of private management in our CPSUs.
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