Strengthen the Workers Peasant Alliance

Strengthen Worker peasant alliance build wide unity of the people to fight the neoliberal policies and attack on the constitution of India

Hannan Mollah, General Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha while greeting the 16th Conference of CITU called upon to strengthen Worker peasant alliance build wide unity of the people to fight the neoliberal policies and attack on the constitution of India. He was greeted with slogans of ‘mazdoor kisan ekta zidabad ‘ (Long live worker peasant unity) by the delegates.

On the third day of the 16th National Conference of CITU, delegates discussed on the Part two of the General Secretary’s Report which dealt with organiaation and future steps to overcome present impediments.

Delegates made self assessment and suggested about the future programme they would take for building up state and district orgniasations to make it compatible to the present challenges. Very revealing experiences emerged out of the performances in last 8th January,2020. Delegates proposed steps they would take to mobilise vast and increasing number of unorganized section of workers. They are determined to increase members of CITU to one crore by this year.

Delegates also emphasised need of educating cadres on the political philosophy of the working class. They also narrated experiences how unorganized sections of workers, particularly, in the IT sector are approaching CITU to mobilize them and pursue their demands. Some advancement in various sectors was also reported.

Speakers from national federation like BSNL informed how the central Govt. has methodically dismantling BSNL for handing over communication sector to Ambani. Banking sector leader stated how for the benefit of corporate the government is merging several banks bringing it to only 12 from  27 thereby washing away scope to provide loan to small lectors and peasants. Bank employees are preparing for strike for indefinite period. Central Govt. employees federation said how the Govt. had prevented implementation of recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. Workers of this sector are also preparing for struggle action. The conference adopted a resolution in support of the banking sector strike.

Discussion in this chapter is expected to continue late night.

The conference also passed resolutions condemning the presence of notorious racist Bolzanaro, the Brazilian President as the Chief Guest of Republic Day of India this year.

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Amitava Guha

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