CWFI condemns arrest of Comrade Ziaul Alam and calls for solidarity protest actions

The Construction Workers Federation of India (CWFI) empathetically condemns the West Bengal Government for unleashing brutal police action on Comrade Ziaul Alam, General Secretary, All India Plantation Workers Federation of India, and other trade union leaders who were brutally manhandled by the police and arrested on 16th August, 2023.

West Bengal Government run by anti democratic corrupt TMC has been unleashing a series of vindictive coercive actions on opposition leaders and workers since its inception. On 16th August evening, TMC hoodlums tried to storm into CITU and other mass organisations office with an aim to terrify our comrades, that attack was vehemently resisted by our brave comrades. Soon after the incident, instead of arresting TMC ruffian, the Bengal Police pounced upon CITU leaders at the behest of the state government.  In a several video it was visible that police manhandled CITU leaders and started bodily lifting our comrades.

CWFI strongly condemns such police brutality and undemocratic coercive actions of west Bengal government which has become infamous for its habitual highhandedness and strong arm tactics to curb any kind of dissent or protest. Denouncing the arrest of Comrade Ziaul Alam, Plantation workers federation of India has been conducting a series of action programs throughout the plantation gardens in country. The plantation workers of Bengal with other section of working people are in a decisive struggle action demanding immediate unconditional release of Ziaul Alam and other comrades.

CWFI extends its class solidarity and whole hearted support to the plantation worker ongoing protest and demands upon the Bengal government for immediate unconditional release of Comrade Ziaul Alam and other leaders. CWFI calls upon all its affiliates and also members and affiliates of entire CITU fraternity to organize solidarity protest actions.

Issued By
U.P Joseph,
General Secretary

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