The Centre of Indian Trade Unions emphatically condemns the BJP Govt of Haryana for unleashing repressive measures against the Haryana Roadways workers for their massive participation in the two days countrywide general strike on 28-29 March 2022 at the call of Joint Platform of Trade Unions. Well before the strike, the State Govt started issuing threat of dire consequences and building hurdles to dissuade and prevent the roadways workers from joining the strike action. Haryana Roadways workers, quite consistent with their fighting tradition joined enmasse in strike action on both the days, rendering all attempts of the State Govt to break the strike an absolute failure.

The brutal vindictive face of the BJP Govt in the state came out with its fangs and claws as the Govt pounced upon the striking workers in vengeance with series of vindictive actions. Numerous FIRs have been filed in the name of many workers; six leading workers were arrested and sent to custody; numerous charge sheets were issued on flimsy allegations not only against the workers but also against some of the Officials.

CITU denounces such brutalities and vindictive actions by the Haryana Govt against the workers of state-owned Roadways Corporation for exercising their constitutional right of going on strike with due notice. CITU, while hailing the brave roadways workers for their successful strike action, demands upon the State Govt to withdraw all charge sheets and vindictive measures on the workers and officials immediately. CITU also extends its whole hearted support to the Haryana Roadways workers’ struggle braving the atrocities and calls upon the working people to stand in solidarity with the Haryana Roadways Workers’ movement against victimisation and for justice.

Issued by
(Tapan Sen)
General Secretary

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