CITU condemns the brutal killings of the farmers in U.P

CITU strongly condemns the most gruesome killings of farmers who were peacefully protesting at Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh.

The farmers were killed by the son of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs by deliberately running his vehicle over the farmers. It is also reported by eyewitnesses that he and his henchmen had also fired at the unarmed kisans.

In a shocking incident the Haryana CM has been caught on camera directing RSS/BJP activists to unleash physical attacks on the struggling kisans.

It seems that the ruling pro corporate government is hell-bent on to serve their Masters at any cost.

That's why instead of conceding the demands of repealing the Farm laws, this fascistic regime resorted to unleashing repressions. In the wake of upcoming State Assembly Elections in the largest state- Uttar Pradesh, where the "Defeat BJP Mission" announced by the kisan panchayat at Muzaffarnagar kisan rally that has already sent a shivering into the spine of Yogi & Co which led a desperate situation where RSS and its political platform- BJP is becoming restless. Thus they resorted to violence against farmers true to their fascist characters.

CITU calls upon the working class to come out in large numbers to condemn this dastardly killing and to express our class Solidarity with kisans. CITU dips its Red Flag to pay our respectful homage to all the kisan martyrs who were brutally killed yesterday in UP.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary


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