CITU Condemns Police Repression on Peasants Near Delhi

Centre of Indian Trade Unions vehemently condemns the brutal police action on the peasants who were marching to Delhi to highlight their genuine demands.

The peasants who started their march from Haridwar under the banner of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) on 23rd September were scheduled to reach the Kisan Ghat in the national capital on 2nd October. Instead of addressing their genuine demands, the BJP led Modi government chose to use force to stop them from even reaching the national capital. Police resorted to lathi charge, water cannons and tear gas on the peaceful march of the peasants at Ghazipur at the Uttar Pradesh – Delhi border.

This brutal force on the farmers who feed the country exposes the real face of the BJP led Modi government which wants to hide its anti peasant anti people character using fake promises and false slogans through its media blitzkrieg spending thousands of crores of people’s money. It is to be recalled that it was the state government led by the same BJP that has killed six peasants in police firing when they were demanding remunerative prices and loan waiver. It were the state governments in Assam and Jharkhand led by the same BJP that killed peasants earlier.

CITU warns that the working class will not remain a silent spectator if the government neglects the genuine demands of the peasants of the country on whose toil the country depends for its food. CITU demands the government to desist from any attempts to suppress the rising tide of agitations by the peasants who are the victims of the agrarian crisis due to the neoliberal policies being aggressively pursued by the BJP government led by Modi. CITU also warns that the government will be grievously mistaken if it thinks that it can suppress peasants’ struggles, or for that matter, struggles by the workers or any section of the people, through force.

CITU calls upon the working class in the entire country to forcefully protest the use of uncalled for force on the peacefully protesting peasants and stand in rock strong solidarity with their peasant brethren.

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