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Homage to Comrade Ramanika Gupta

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions is deeply grieved on the passing away of the veteran trade union leader Comrade Ramanika Gupta in the afternoon of 26th March, 2019 after prolong illness at the age of 88. During her entire lifetime, she stood and resolutely fought for the economic and social justice of the workers and socially oppressed sections, particularly the Adivasis and Dalits. 

Comrade Ramanika Gupta’s biggest contribution was the liberation of coal workers, particularly the loading and unloading workers, from the stranglehold of coal mafias in the Hazaribagh coalfield in the present day Jharkhand, facing personal attacks by the hired criminals; and forming Coalfield Labour Union and spreading the same in several states including the present day Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and later merging the same with CITU unions.

Comrade Ramanika Gupta was an office bearer of CITU state committee and working committee member of CITU and also of the All India Coal Worker Federation.

She was a member of CPI(M)’s Jharkhand state committee. She was two times MLC and later was elected as an MLA from the Mandu Assembly constituency in Hazaribagh district of undivided Bihar.

Comrade Ramanika Gupta was a prolific writer in Hindi, exponent of Dalit Literatures, writer of several books and received several prestigious literary awards. She was also active in Janwadi Lekhak Sangh.

Comrade Ramanika Gupta worked for the rights and welfare of the tribals; formed separate trust and worked vigorously in it.

In her death, the workers and down-trodden sections of the people lost a strong voice for their rights and upliftment.

CITU pays respectful homage to the departed leader Comrade Ramanika Gupta and conveys heartfelt condolence to her comrade and the members of her family.  

Comrade Ramanika Gupta Red Salute. Com Ramanika Gupta Amar Rahe.

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