Don’t Send Indian Construction Workers to Israel to Replace Palestinian Workers -  CWFI

The Construction Workers, Federation of India expresses serious concern at the reports that talks are going on between India and Israel over sending construction workers from India to work in Israel in place of Palestinian workers who are not in a position to work since the Israeli war on Palestine.  It is reported that Israeli authorities have ordered Palestinian workers working in different sectors in Israel with work permits to leave, as part of their attacks on Palestinians. While the Israeli Builders, Association has asked for 50000 -100000 Indian construction workers to replace Palestinian workers, it is reported that Israel and India are negotiating about sending 15000 workers. 

The Construction Workers Federation of India strongly objects to any attempt to send the poor construction workers of our country to Israel to overcome its shortage of workers and in any way support its genocidal attacks on Palestine killing thousands of innocent people including children and women.

The Construction Workers Federation of India demands that Indian government support the UN resolution calling for immediate ceasefire, Palestinian state with 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. CWFI demands the Government of India to use its diplomatic relations with Israel to abide by the UN resolution instead of negotiating for sending construction workers to that country. 

CWFI calls upon all its members, all the construction workers of India and also the people to protest against the moves to put the lives of construction workers of our country at risk by sending them to Israel and make them indirect partners in its genocidal attacks on Palestinians. 

Construction workers of India stand in solidarity with the working class and the people of Palestine under genocidal attack by Israel with the full backing of the USA and other imperialist countries 

UP Joseph 
General Secretary

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