CITU, AIKS, AIAWU and AIDWA demand Time bound effective enquiry of Hathras case under the supervision of Supreme Court

A delegation of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), All India Agricultural Workers Union   ( AIAWU) and All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) visited Gulgarhi village in Hathras, UP on 4 October 2020 and extended solidarity with the family of the Dalit girl who was brutally gang raped and killed by upper caste landlord men. It is with great difficulty the delegation was allowed by the police to go the house of the victim. The village is still cordoned and their neighbors are terrorized. The delegation had to wait for three hours to meet the family.

Members of the delegation conveyed their condolences to her parents Ramadevi, Omprakash and other members of the family. The inconsolable family members shocked by the barbaric incident held the BJP Government responsible for their daughter's death. The mother of the girl narrated how, the police in an inhuman way have cremated her child without allowing her to even have a look. She also said that her daughter has named the culprits before her death. The police intimidation in each step also was questioned. The father in law of the brother of the girl was manhandled by the officials. The girl's father Omprakash told the team that they do not have faith in the BJP State Government or in the CBI Enquiry announced by them. The family wanted a Judicial Enquiry supervised by the Supreme Court. The team supported the demand and assured all support for the same including legal support as may be required. Omprakash who worked in Asansol, Bengal earlier said he was acquainted with the Red Flag, our organisations and requested support in their struggle for justice.

This lower caste (mahadalit) agricultural labour family has no land except their house. They do not have any income but the agricultural jobs in the fields belonging to the upper caste land lords for which one get Rs 200 as daily wage. The family is under continuous threat by the upper caste landlords in the village. One neighbor said that the family of the victim is being threatened of dire consequences.

The delegation which visited Hathras was comprised of of Vijoo Krishnan, Joint Secretary, AIKS, A.R.Sindhu, Secretary, CITU, B.Venkat, General Secretary, Vikram Singh, Joint Secretary, AIAWU, Punyavathi, Treasurer, Asha Sharma, Joint Secretary, AIDWA. They were joined by the leaders from UP,  Brijlal Bharti, Joint Secretary and UP State Secretary AIAWU, Bharat Singh UP Kisan Sabha President, Idris , Secretary, Aligarh District CPI(M) and AIDWA leader, UP AIDWA leaders.

1. Time bound effective enquiry of Hathras case under the supervision of Supreme Court

  1. Exemplary punishment to the police officers and other officials who had derelict their duty
    2.Ensure safety to the family of the girl
    3. Ensure implementation of Justice Verma Committee recommendations

    We strongly condemn the acts of the UP BJP government trying to shield the perpetrators of the crime and remaining indulgent to the threatening and terrorising activities of landlord groups against the poor agricultural labour family of the victim. The criminal way this case as well as cases of rape, atrocities against women and dalits are being handled by Yogi Adityanath Government,  he does not have any right to continue as Chief Minister.
    We also note with concern the increasing atrocities against women and dalits. While extending all support to the efforts for justice to the victim in Hathras, we together with the class and mass movements will launch Nationwide campaign and action against atrocities against dalits and women as an integral part of the struggles against the anti corporate anti - neoliberal struggles in the country.

Issued by
Tapan Sen, G S, CITU, Hannan Mollah,  GS, AIKS, B Venkat,  GS , AIAWU, Marium Dhawale,  GS, AIDWA

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