Red Salute to Com.A.K.Lal

CITU Secretariat is deeply grieved at the sudden demise of Com.A.K.Lal, a prominent CITU leader of the Chhattisgarh state, today on 6th July 2020, at around 2.30.P.M after prolonged ailment. He was 67.

Com.A.K.Lal was actively associated with the trade union movement since mid 1970’s and played important role in developing CITU movement in both united Madhya Pradesh and subsequently in Chhattisgarh. He had been the senior state committee member of CITU in united Madhya Pradesh; subsequently after formation of Chhattisgarh Com.A.K.Lal played important role in consolidating the CITU work and the CITU state committee in Chhattisgarh state in various capacities like Vice-President, Dy.General Secretary, President and General Secretary of Chhattisgarh state CITU. From the last conference of CITU he got himself relieved of the responsibilities of state General Secretary owing to health reasons.

Com.A.K.Lal joined the trade union movement in his early youth as an employee of Life Insurance Corporation and played important role in the insurance employees’ movement he was the founder of the Raipur Division Insurance Employees’ Association and the Central Zone Insurance Employees’ Association.

He had been Working Committee Member / General Council Member of CITU for decades till the 16th conference of CITU. The demise of Com.A.K.Lal is a big loss to the trade union movement. CITU secretariat deeply mourns the demise of Com.A.K.Lal and remembers his great contribution in trade union movement and conveys heartfelt condolence to his comrades and bereaved members of his family.

Red Salute to Com.A.K.Lal.  

Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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