Prepare for Intensified United Fight Against Fast Tracking of Privatisation of CPSUs and Anti-worker Labour Law Changes by the Government

NITI Ayog has announced ‘big bang’ reform through anti-worker changes in labour laws and fast tracking privatisation or closure of 46 PSUs. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog has categorically told that “They (the foreign investors) will have reasons to be happy” and the government will “build an inventory of government land that can be offered to foreign investors”. We must read this statement along with the statement by the US private Corporates asking the new Indian government to have ‘bold reforms’ including change in land and labour laws and e-commerce.

There is clear indication to the working class and the toiling people of India that the Modi -02 Government is going to vigorously follow the same policies which were opposed by the working class and the peasantry of the country.

Changes in labour laws are meticulously designed to impose conditions of slavery on the working people. Similarly privatisation of CPSUs shall lead to looting of national assets by the Government’s most favoured corporates and destruction of indigenous manufacturing capability of the national economy and setting the pace of deindustrialization.

Modi govt's big bang reform will put the lives and livelihoods of the mass of the people in disaster- the same people who gave the Modi Government a decisive mandate. The mission of NDA-02 Government is pay back to the "DONORS" both in country and abròad while forcibly looting the "VOTERS" - the people at large.

The disastrous anti-people and anti-national move of the Government must be opposed with full might of the united struggle of the mass of the workers led by the United Platform of Central Trade Unions and National Federations.

CITU calls upon its affiliated unions and the working class of the country to be prepared for bigger struggles to defend the hard earned rights and the sovereignty of the country.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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