CITU Congratulates the Haryana Roadways Employees for the successful total strike

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) congratulates the Haryana Roadways’ employees for the successful total strike on its first day (16 October 2018) of the two days’ strike as per the call of the joint forum of all trade unions against the move for total privatization of roadway services by the BJP Government of Haryana. NO bus is on the road today. The strike has got full support from the public as well. CITU extends full support and solidarity to the strike to save the public transport system in the state in the larger interest of the people. We strongly condemn the vindictive and repressive actions of the Haryana Government and the management of Haryana Roadways on the striking workers.

For the last 3 years, the BJP Government of Haryana is desperately trying to wind up Haryana Roadways and hand over the entire passenger transport to the private operators. Earlier in 2017 the Government has decided to issue permits to private operators in 3600 routes. It was vehemently opposed by all the trade unions except BMS and series of struggles were launched. Finally the Government was compelled to withdraw its decision in the face of militant united indefinite strike by the Roadways workers and declared that a new transport policy will be adopted duly taking the unions in to confidence.

But violating this promise, the pro corporate BJP Government in Haryana has been continuously trying for the backdoor privatization of the state transport sector. Now, the government unilaterally declared that 720 private buses will be hired/taken on lease by Haryana Roadways on kilometer basis and operate in state transport routes. The unions have opposed the scheme system tooth and nail decided to go for strike to save the industry. They called for 2 days strike on16 & 17thOctober 2018.

The Government resorted to vindictive and repressive actions since the strike notice was issued by the joint forum of trade unions. ESMA has been imposed. Around 250 workers and union leaders were suspended; union offices of AIRTWF, AITUC, INTUC in some places like Faridabad depot have been sealed. Leaves to the union leaders are also not sanctioned. In spite of such large scale repression, the strike is total throughout the state. CITU demands the Haryana Government to put an end to the vindictive actions, withdraw the proposed hire scheme for privatization and negotiate with the unions.

It is highly appreciable that the workers are giving befitting reply to the Government by intensifying the struggle and we are sure that the trade union movement in Haryana will defeat the government move to privatise the public assets.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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