Condemns the imposition of the ESMA on employees of Haryana State Electricity Board

25th June 2016

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) condemns the imposition of the draconian Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on the employees of the Haryana State Electricity Board by the BJP led government in Haryana.

CITU extends total support and solidarity to the employees of Haryana state electricity board who have been compelled to go on a two days’ strike against the decision of the state government to privatise the 23 electricity distribution subdivisions in the state with the highest revenue potential. This measure would increase power tariff, imposing huge burdens on the common people, the consumers, besides adversely affecting the service conditions of the employees. It is bound to increase the losses further and badly affect the state’s economy with wider implications on its ability to provide any relief to the poor and the common people.

It is highly regrettable that instead of discussing with the Joint Action Committee of the electricity employees, which has repeatedly tried to pursue the government and the authorities not to resort to such retrograde measure, the Haryana government has refused to discuss the issue with the JAC and closed all doors for highlighting their grievances through constitutional means. This adamant and highly undemocratic attitude of the Haryana government in deciding to go ahead with its decision of privatisation has left the JAC with no other option but to call for a strike on 29-30 June 2016. Instead of calling the JAC for discussions the state government has now resorted to impose ESMA.

CITU demands the Haryana state government to immediately repeal imposition of ESMA on the electricity employees, call the representatives of the JAC for discussions, and withdraw its decision to privatise the distribution subdivisions in the state.

CITU calls upon the people of Haryana to fully stand behind the electricity employees in Haryana who are fighting against measures that would increase the power tariff and the burdens on the people. It calls upon the working class all over the country to come out in support of the electricity employees through solidarity actions.

Issued by,
General Secretary

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