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Dated: 12-04-2017
The Hon'ble Chief Minister,
Government of Haryana,



Respected sir,

Sub:- Haryana RoadwaysWorkers Strike - Request to intervene and Settle the demands - Raisethe suspensions - Reg.


All India RoadTransport Workers' Federation humbly request your kind Authority to please intervene and withdraw the proposal to invite Private bus Operators on hire KM scheme and to cancel the suspension orders issued on the leadership and workers forth with.

It is not out of place to mention that the very motto of the Private persons is to gain more and more profits. For which they will even violate all the rules etc. Further it is to submit that the RTCAct 1950 promulgated by the Parliament is to establish State RoadTransport Corporation with a aim to provide adequate, efficient, economic and well co-ordinated services to the public. Further in the year 1976 the STUswere incorporated in the 9th Schedule duly amending the Constitution of India.

It is to submit that according to the Statistical data of the Ministry of RoadTransport, the STUsrecorded lowest accident record. Further the experience of Delhi was that the KM scheme bus operators went on strike demanding revision of rate during the tenure of the agreement.

It is submitted that keeping in view all the above your good self is requested to with the proposal and extend support to increase the fleet strength of Hryana Roadways.This is neither in the interest of the workers nor the interest of Haryana Roadways. It is in the larger interest of the people of the State and the development of the state at large.

We hope you will intervene and settle the issue and lift the suspension orders.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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13th April 2017

The workers of Haryana Roadways Corporation irrespective of affiliations had been on strike since 10th April 2017 opposing award of 1600 permits to private operators to ply on 253 routes by the BJP Govt of Haryana. In these 253 routes mainly the Haryana Roadways buses have been plying. The game plan is to push the state-owned Haryana Roadways Corporation to unviability leading to its sickness paving way for total privatization of passenger transport system in the state.
The strike is being conducted by all the unions of Haryana Roadways workers and the strike is total even on the fourth day. Workers are determined to resist the ugly game plan of the BJP Govt of Haryana to completely privatise the passenger transport services in the state much to the detriment of the interests of people and Roadways workers which will only benefit the private operators and those in the Govt handling the contracts. The BJP-run State Govt unleashed severe repression on the workers and more than 150 union leaders have been put under suspension. Braving all repression, strike is continuing totally demonstrating total unity of the workers and common people in general came forward in supporting the strike action denouncing the nefarious conspiracy of the state govt for privatization of bus services.
The Centre of Indian Trade Unions congratulates the Haryana Roadways workers for their heroic strike struggle and extends all support to their struggle against privatization. Already CITU unions and other mass organizations in Haryana have been organizing solidarity programmes throughout the state. CITU calls upon the working class to stand by the continuing strike struggles by the Haryana Roadway workers against privatization and demands upon the State Govt of Haryana to refrain from their retrograde decision, withdraw all victimization and end the stalemate in consultation with the unions.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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The draconian M.V.Act (Amendment) Bill 2016 which is anti-people and anti-worker is placed in Lok Sabha for discussion.Itwas not in thebussiness list yesterday night. The Bill is going to be passed in a hurry without proper discussion. It aims to hand over the core road transport sector to big corporates rendering loss of job to lakhs of motor workers. This sector is in deep crises due to wrong policies of Modi Govt. All STUs will be closed. Private buses have to face stiff competetion and will be eliminated.Autos, taxi, truck workers livelyhood is in danger. Driving School,workshop and spare parts shops will be closed. The powers of State Govts.will be taken by Union Govt.In the light of facts it is requested to organise strong united protest actions nationwide on8.4.2017 by all motor transport workers.

Press Release by K.K. Divakaran, General Secretary, AIRTWF & National Secretary, CITU 

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The Central Trade Unions express deep distress and anguish at the sentence of life to 13 workers and of 5 years jail to another four workers of Maruti Suzuki in connection with the violence plotted by the management in the Manesar plant of Maruti in 2012. In the same judgements 117 workers were acquitted honourably and 14 worker let off with sentence to the period they were in Jail.

The violence in 2012 in which a general manager of the factory was killed was the handiwork of hired musclemen of Maruti Suzuki management meant to create the ground for crushing the unions. Despite no way being responsible for the incident, the workers have been convicted on the basis of concocted evidence manufactured by the state administration, police and employer nexus in a shameless abuse of power. More than 546 regular and 2000 contract workers were thrown out of their jobs and 148 workers were thrown into jail for up to four and half years..

However the heinous design of the Haryana state administration-capitalist league to crush the trade union movement in the Gurgaon industrial area could not be achieved fully. Over one lakh workers in the area boycotted lunch on 16th March in spontaneous expression of protest. The workers of Maruti and its ancillaries/ subsidiaries in Gurgaon/ Manesar went on total strike for one hour strike in the evening shift of 18thMarch. Workers’ unions in Gurgaon industrial belt had massive protest demonstration on 23rd March in solidarity with the victimised workers including filing of appeal against the conviction.

The Central Trade Unions denounce the ugly game of the state and capital nexus with the same vehemence with which they denounced the violence of 2012 and congratulate the workers for their immediate and united response. The CTUs assert that the trade union movement cannot be cowed down with such nefarious acts by the government-employer nexus.

The CTUs express their solidarity with the struggle of the Maruti workers and the initiative of the industrial workers under the banner of Trade Union Council, Gurgaon in support of the Maruti workers. The CTUs call upon all the trade unions irrespective of affiliations and workers in general to come forward in solidarity with the Maruti workers struggle for justice including the legal battle. The CTUs also call upon all the trade unions in the country irrespective of affiliations to organise demonstrations in their workplaces or the industrial centres on 5th April 2017 as a mark of solidarity with the Maruti workers struggling for justice and for trade union rights and demanding unconditional release of the Maruti workers and reinstatement of victimised workers.

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